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Requesting an online quote is free and carries no obligation, but as you could imagine it is very hard to establish what kind of damage and how damaged the panel is without actually looking at the vehicle.

Quotes given in this site are for a guide only and a detailed quote will be given when the technician arrives.

To make your guide quote as accurate as possible please make sure that you include in your message how the damage was acquired and when it was damaged (if possible it would be advantageous to add digital images of the damage - although we do not expect it).

 email : info@dingsdentsandtrims.co.uk


In Depth Personal Quotation

This type of quote involves the technician visiting and establishing the repair required.

It is best to liaise with the technician and find out when he will be visiting your area to arrange a suitable time for yourself and him.

email : info@dingsdentsandtrims.co.uk

or phone : 01227 713231

              07817 846718