We can repair a multitude of components on a vehicle. 

Below are a few of the most common repairs

Alloy Wheel Repair

This is one of the most common repair types.

Scraping a kerb with a brand new alloy wheel doesn't have to be a worry.

We can repair and refinish alloy wheels to their manufacturers original state or if you fancy a change, can be painted in any custom paint or finish.

Panel Repair

In most cases a panel can be repaired without the need for replacement parts.

Painted panels

Deep scratching of panels will require the area to be painted in our spraybooth / oven.

Panels will look as good as new.

Colours are matched and mixed in house to virtually wipeout any colour discrepancy unlike the repairs of a decades ago.

Machine Polishing

To finish off every repair the affected area is polished to a high shine.

This type of polishing is also available for any panel as a stand-alone repair or even  full car polish/detail